Small size classic carpet - baluch rug

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Persian classic hand-knotted carpet, made of natural wool. Carpet has cotton warp and natural colors. Style of this carpet is traditional and is called baluch, because it is produced in Baluchestan. Carpet is high quality very stable and soft.

The Baluchis are a nomadic ethnic group dispersed across the rugged terrains of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, with smaller communities found in Bahrain and the Punjab province of India. Renowned for their rich cultural traditions and skilled craftsmanship, the Baluchis have crafted carpets for centuries, weaving their stories and heritage into every intricate knot.

Baluch carpets, also known as Baluch or Beluchi carpets, are handwoven by Baluchi artisans using techniques passed down through generations. These nomadic rugs are characterized by their small size, vibrant patterns, and classic color combinations. From deep reds to earthy browns and serene blues, each rug reflects the unique aesthetics and cultural identity of the Baluchi people.

Traditionally, Baluch carpets were made from wool sourced from the nomads' own herds of sheep and goats. However, modern iterations may feature a cotton warp for added durability. Despite advancements in materials, the essence of Baluch craftsmanship remains unchanged – each rug is a labor of love, meticulously crafted to stand the test of time.

Baluch carpets derive their names from the cities where they are traded, such as Mashad-Baluch carpets from Mashad in Iran and Herat-Baluch carpets from Herat in Afghanistan. These carpets not only serve as functional decor but also as tangible expressions of Baluchi culture and heritage.

Despite their seemingly somber palette, Baluch carpets boast intricate motifs and angular designs that captivate the eye and evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Whether displayed as a centerpiece in a living room or adorning the floors of a cozy study, Baluch carpets add warmth and character to any space

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  • Size: 76x40cm
  • Warp: cotton
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: traditional


  • Green
  • Old
  • Wool&Cotton Warp