Old style handmade hamadan carpet

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Persian hand-knotted rug, made of wool. The carpet has natural colors and classic ornaments. The style is called Hamadan which is region in Iran. Dominant colors in these carpets are red and blue.

Hamadan is Iran's historic city. Hamadan carpets epitomize a rich cultural heritage, drawing from centuries of tradition and craftsmanship nurtured within the region's villages and towns.

Hamadan carpets represent a diverse spctrum of styles and techniques, each reflecting the unique characteristics of its place of origin. From the elaborate designs of renowned varieties like Hosseinabad and Nahawand to the more straightforward patterns found in everyday "Hamadan" carpets, these rugs offer an extensive array of choices to suit every preference and budget.

Traditionally, these carpets were meticulously crafted using handspun yarn, a testament to the artisans' dedication to their craft. While modern iterations may incorporate industrially produced yarn for cost efficiency, the essence of Hamadan's craftsmanship remains deeply rooted in tradition.

Classic color combinations dominate these carpets, with indigo blue and madder red being prominent hues. Geometric motifs are prevalent, though floral patterns also grace many of these exquisite rugs, adding an extra layer of depth and sophistication.

Of particular note are the older Hamadan carpets, often referred to as Shahr-baff, which were crafted with superior quality and durability. These carpets, knotted on a cotton warp, are esteemed for their robust construction and are highly coveted by collectors for their historical significance.

While the traditional craftsmanship of Hamadan carpets remains timeless, modern variations cater to contemporary tastes and needs. From traditional homes to modern interiors, these versatile rugs add warmth, character, and a touch of elegance to any space. Yarns are colored with natural dye. Hamedan carpets dates back to about seven hundred years BC and was traditionally called Hekmataneh.

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  • Warp - wool
  • Pile - wool
  • Size: 56*46cm
  • Style: Traditional


  • red
  • Old
  • Wool