Woolen high-fur gabbeh

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Gabbeh carpet,made in Iran, Material is natural wool. Gabbehs usually have high wool, it can be goat or sheep wool, which is natural and safe. The meaning of Gabbeh has changed over time. Currently, it means thick and rough because it has long piles, and the number of wefts used in its texture is between 3 and 8. the former meaning of the word "gabeh" was ugly and ordinary, and sometimes the word "gair" was also attributed to it, which meant protection. However, it is said that this word originally means raw, natural, or untouched. Also, the word "khorsek" is used for this type of carpet. In different regions such as Bushehr, Shiraz, Khorasan, etc., it is actually considered one of the main capitals of these people. It should be noted that Fars province, with a history of 150 years in the field of weaving, can be considered one of the pioneers of this art in Iran. This region includes the tribes of Qashqai, Khamsa, Mamsani, and Bakhtiari, and it can be safely said that the fabrics of the Qashqai Turks of Fars are among the best, so much so that they have a special reputation abroad. Other important centers of Geba weaving can be mentioned: Do Gonbadan, Bashet, Tel Gar, Cheshme Belqis, Deh Sheikh, and Cheram in the city of Kekhiloyeh, Deh Alia and Deh Sefali Alia, Barazjan, and the rural areas of Shul and Deh Kohene in Bushehr province. Centimeter, the number of wefts used in them, which of course is also a factor for the softness of rugs. Fortunately, one of the factors that has made it possible to find gabes in different designs and patterns is the traditional and mental patterning of its weavers because there is no plan in the weave of this type of underlay, and each weaver can create whatever is in his mind. For this reason, we can confidently say that if you put millions of gebbehs together, it is still impossible to find two gebbehs with completely identical characteristics among them. This point is also one of the other valuable characteristics. This product is artistic. This type of carpet is mainly woven in the Persian style and on ground looms. However, sometimes, and in some regions, they may also be prepared by the Turkish weaving method. Despite the great variety of designs and colors in the gebes, it can be said that the field of gebes produced in different regions of Iran mostly has bright colors such as white, cream, or milky. The gabbeh weave is usually made by self-dyed wool mixed with goat hair. After washing, these wools are spun and then used for weaving.

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  • Warp - wool
  • Pile - wool
  • Size: 90*60cm
  • Style: Gabbeh


  • brown
  • New
  • Wool