Iranian traditional Hamadan carpet

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    Persian hand-knotted carpet, made of natural wool. Carpet has natural colors and it is in good condition. Dominant colors in Hamadan carpets are red and blue.

    The Persian hand-knotted carpet style known as Hamadan originates from Iran's historic city of the same name. It embodies a rich cultural heritage with centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. Hamadan carpets feature diverse styles and techniques, ranging from elaborate designs like Hosseinabad and Nahawand to simpler patterns found in everyday versions. Traditionally crafted with handspun yarn, these rugs maintain a deep connection to their roots despite modern variations. They commonly exhibit classic color combinations such as indigo blue and madder red, along with geometric and floral motifs. Older Hamadan carpets, known as Shahr-baff, are renowned for their superior quality and durability, often knotted on a cotton warp. While preserving traditional craftsmanship, modern Hamadan carpets cater to contemporary tastes and needs, complementing both traditional and modern interiors with warmth, character, and elegance. They are dyed with natural colors and trace back to approximately 700 years BC, originally called Hekmataneh, with wool as the main material and cotton warp.

  • Size: 63x57cm
  • Warp: wool
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: traditional, hamadan


  • red
  • Old
  • Wool&Cotton Warp