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Welcome to Modi Sales department

We are glad you decided on a partnership.

If you have handmade carpets and want to sell them, we offer a handy collaboration. Our online space is at your disposal. is a fast-growing online space where you can buy and sell handmade carpets. At this market you have a chance to sell your products in the total world. Currently, our website is in 3 languages (Russian, English, Georgian,) and other languages will be added soon.

Our offer is as follows:

  • Placing your products completely free of charge (you are not limited by quantity)
  • You will be the supplier and you will have your own online space in our online store.
  • You can sell products abroad, our marketing team is actively trying to take the right place in foreign markets.
  • All of our active customers will see your products through social media as well.

We are trying our best to provide you with reasonable service. We are advertising in social webs (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) and in Google. So we will use all our efforts to show your handmade carpet(s) to proper audience.

Our conditions

  • If you are selling for the first time, you will not have to pay anything. With further sales you will have a tax commission (10% of the cost of the carpet).

You should also consider our rules:

  • Customers can return the carpet within a week, in which case the customer will be refunded without delay.


  • To become our partner, you must be a company.

Complete the given questionnaire and we will contact you in the near future. And via email, you will receive a "store code" that will be your identification in our online space.