How is expressed bohemianism in interior design?

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Bohemian style, this is a culture formed over the centuries, bold and diverse.

This style has become a lifestyle trend. Starting from the art it moved into almost every field and created a beautiful sight.

It is often said that bohemianism still dominates the world with its constant modern image.

The colors in interior


It has been proven that color affects a person’s mood and can visually change the space in a room. Therefore, the selection of interior colors is crucial

There are three groups of colors: warm, cold, and neutral.

The warm color group includes yellow, red, orange colors and all their combinations. Also, a combination of yellow and green.

The colors - blue, purple, blue and blue-green, blue-purple tones belong to the cold group.

The neutral group consists of only three colors. These are: white, black and gray. They are included in the color palette and change the color of the paint, making it more light or sticky. With the right choice of colors in interior design, you can cover the defects of room planning: reduce or increase the space, make it more or less massive, locked or bright.

How to consider colors in the interior?


The psychology of color has a pretty big influence on interior design. Designers try to always choose the right colors according to the function of the room. How colors affect us and what color we should use - psychologists and designers share common recommendations about this:

1. Orange - expands the imagination

This bright color allows you to express your views confidently. Use orange tones if you want to feel more youthful. This is the color of fun and celebration! Boldly use orange to accentuate the living room, workroom, bedroom, or kids' room walls.

How to arrange a bathroom?

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Everybody starts the day with a bathroom. It is the place that partially determines a person's mood throughout the day, so it is very important how comfortable it is arranged.

As if at first glance the bathroom is not a place that requires a lot of decoration and fantasy, however, do not forget that the bathroom determines your daily mood and try to arrange it as ideally, delicately and beautifully as possible.

How to arrange a hall?

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We can't say that entrance is the cleanest place in our home. We enter here in shoes, change it, and save it. That’s why people don’t pay so much attention to decorating this part of the house. Especially we avoid the installation of beautiful furniture here and the selection of bright colors.

​How to make the interior more comfortable?

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If you prefer to use natural colors in the interior, you can choose them according to your own taste, however, we remind you that colors should blend harmoniously with each other. The colors can be sharp and pastel, but by no means should they be boring.

How to match curtains and the rug to each other?

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The carpet lost its old pomposity and is no longer considered a matter of pride in modern furnishing. It acquired a completely different meaning, it is now used to organize the space properly and to distribute the color accents correctly.

If you are among those whose space does not match the number and needs of people living in the family and you often think about how to divide the space into zones avoiding a great effort, these tips are for you.

How to sweep a rug and some other helpful hints

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One of the most important accessories in every home is rugs. In addition to being easy to use, carpets are also important for home aesthetics. Today, carpets are produced in different types, the most important of them are handmade and machine-made carpets. Different rugs have different price, which is not the same according to their value. In any case, carpets are a valuable commodity that needs to be protected.

What about Iranian silk rugs?

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In general, Iranian handmade carpets are among the most famous carpets in the world that have conquered many global markets. Qom Silk Carpet is also one of the Iranian handmade carpets that has a special place in the world market, so that many domestic and foreign carpet traders use this luxury and antique product in the prosperity of the world market. Due to the characteristics of Qom silk handmade carpets in terms of warp and weft, design and pattern, as well as the colors used, it has always been one of the first choices in the global market.

Some tips about using rugs

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You may ask why do I need rugs?

There are many reasons, firstly it helps us to define the character of the room. The rug has an influence on the volume of the area. It can enlarge or shrink the space. Finally, it makes a cozy and warm atmosphere. We should take into consideration some details to make the carpet favorable acquisition.


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