How is expressed bohemianism in interior design?

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Bohemian style, this is a culture formed over the centuries, bold and diverse.

This style has become a lifestyle trend. Starting from the art it moved into almost every field and created a beautiful sight.

It is often said that bohemianism still dominates the world with its constant modern image.

The bohemian style is especially popular in modern interior trends. Bohemian interior - distinguished by originality, bold colors, coziness, and, most importantly, freestyle.

It is the conveyance of the human spiritual world and the way of life shown in the interior.

There are no frames or restrictions in the bohemian style, just self-expression.

Bohemian style: basic features

A combination of bold colors - which is not limited to the selection of only two or three colors, the interior is acceptable with colourful textiles, furniture, or decor.

Comfortable environment - the main thing is to create an atmosphere that makes you spend time pleasantly. The sofa and chairs, simple shaped furniture, and textiles should first and foremost suit the taste of the owner and make your imagination come true.

Self-expression - Decorate a room with, for example, your collectibles, handmade decorations, retro-style accessories, and don't think too much how it will suit the interior.

Free choice of textiles - you are not limited by colors, prints, textures, and other nuances, you can use everything together in combination. Textiles everywhere: pillows, rugs, blankets, combined textures, prints, bright colors.

Decorations: The bohemian interior is full of decorations. In both furniture and decor, preference is given to ethnic style, design inspired by Southwestern or nomadic tribes.

Use wood material/texture, leather, metallic accents.

Individualism: Do you love to paint, collect different niches, do you have distinctive collections? You can use these items for interior decoration.

The main task is to reasonably create a "chaotic" look that does not really turn into chaos. Don't be afraid to bring your imagination into reality.

This is your home, your rules - the main thing is to create an environment where you feel most comfortable.

Keep in mind, bohemian style does not necessarily imply the introduction of classic elements in the interior. Even in a modern design, you can create your own bohemian environment.


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