Carpet arrangement at home and feng shui

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Carpet arrangement at home and feng shui

How to use feng shui in your home decoration?

To better understand this issue, we must first answer the question, what is Feng Shui and how does it work?

The word Feng Shui is derived from the two Chinese words Feng which means wind and Shui which means water. This article is about energy patterns and how they affect us, our health and our relationships. It is also a practice that helps us understand how to use the energy around us to benefit ourselves and others.

The study of Feng Shui is thousands of years old and originated from Chinese philosophy, and we can find it in our homes, offices, and other places where we work, rest, and play.

Feng Shui can help you make the most of the space you have and create a pleasant and harmonious living environment. But how does it work? In fact, it's all about creating proportion, balance, and harmony in your home.

Nothing in Feng Shui is accidental. This ancient art and science try to bring the world and the human body together. It is about the flow of energy and the relationship between space and our lives. The goal of feng shui is to create a space that supports the well-being of its inhabitants. If your space is in harmony with the universe, then you are in harmony with yourself and the space around you. By changing your environment, you can have a positive impact on your life.

One of the practical parts of feng shui is arrangement feng shui, which is used to have proper decoration and correct arrangement of objects in residential buildings, commercial buildings, gardens, and such spaces. Feng Shui makes it have the best effect on health, happiness and success, harmony and overall positive energy. In this context, the use of colors and their effects on the environment as well as the effects of decorative objects such as mirrors, clocks and signs on the space are considered.

Modern Feng Shui

Today, people's views have changed too many old beliefs and beliefs, which has caused every philosophy to change and be updated. The philosophy of feng shui has recently gained many fans due to people's interest in energy-related issues. The philosophy of modern feng shui, having the same principles as ancient feng shui, has a different and more modern form.

The topics discussed in modern feng shui are:

Correct and balanced use of color for each element in the right place.

Using objects as symbols in the right environment.

Not using some objects in inappropriate environments.

Not using some objects that do not symbolize positive events.

Tips for arranging furniture and carpets based on Feng Shui principles

The role of carpet in Feng Shui

A rug can enhance or hinder the flow of energy in your room, and it can enhance or destroy the energy of an area. So how do you arrange carpets with feng shui?

If you think about the concept of feng shui, it all comes down to the flow of energy.

A carpet in Feng Shui is a symbol of wealth and glory and its use is recommended. However, the use of carpets that fill the entire space causes the consensus of negative energies.

Choosing a carpet based on Feng Shui

Choosing a carpet with feng shui principles may seem complicated at first, but in fact it is not, and you can easily find the right feng shui carpet for your home according to your taste.

Choosing the shape of the carpet based on Feng Shui

Round and circular carpets are attributed to the element of metal, and metal is a symbol of spirituality, peace, and harmony, such carpets invite balance and focus to the environment. The use of round carpets in environments where group activities are carried out increases coordination.

Rectangular and oval carpets are attributed to the element of wood, and wood is a symbol of growth, dynamism, creativity, and movement, and such carpets invite change and vitality to the environment. The use of rectangular and oval carpets is recommended in educational and active environments.

Square and rectangular carpets are related to the element of soil, and soil is a symbol of order, trust, and balance, and such carpets increase lawfulness and confidence in the environment. The use of square carpets in legal environments or environments related to the implementation of justice.

Choosing the color of the carpet based on Feng Shui

If your reception is located in the southern part of the house, using carpets with colors such as red, orange, purple and other warm colors will increase the level of intimacy and cheerfulness of the environment.

But if the people in the house are passionate and emotional themselves, using the above colors may cause unpleasant emotions.

If your reception is located in the south of the house, it is recommended to use cold colors such as black, blue, silver, gray, gray, and white in choosing the carpet. But if the people of the house are cold-blooded people by themselves, excessive use of this element may cause the coldness of the space.

If you see the house more than anything else as an environment for relaxation, the use of pale yellow, brown, cream, and gray colors will repel negative energies and increase the level of hope.

In conclusion, it should be said:

This ancient wisdom can help you create a positive energy flow in your home. It allows you to reach your full potential and make your life more successful and enjoyable.


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