How to match curtains and the rug to each other?

by Modi Arti Admin

The carpet lost its old pomposity and is no longer considered a matter of pride in modern furnishing. It acquired a completely different meaning, it is now used to organize the space properly and to distribute the color accents correctly.

If you are among those whose space does not match the number and needs of people living in the family and you often think about how to divide the space into zones avoiding a great effort, these tips are for you.

Here are a few tricks with photos of how you can divide a space into zones in relatively simple ways.

Here are some tricks:

Detachment by curtains

Detachment by rugs

We also offer a variety of trendy solutions on how to match a carpet and a curtain to each other properly. First of all, I will tell you that it is not recommended to solve them in one color. There are several ways to match the colors of these two elements of the interior.

Neutral colors

If your interior is decided in a simple style, then a combination of beige, black, blue or white carpet and curtain will give you an amazing effect.

Same color family

Did you know that blue has up to a hundred variations? This means that we can create a design with related colors.

Complementary colors

You can use a spectrum of contrasting colors that creates a sharp and energetic atmosphere


We can choose similar patterns for the curtain and the carpet, the same style, which will bring them in line with the character of the room.


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