How to take care of handmade rugs

by Modi Arti Admin

Handmade rugs are, of course, more stable, durable and high quality than machine-made but it does not mean that it not requires attention and care from owner. Taking care of handmade carpet is very important because it can be damaged like everything else, it can change color, change shape, knots might become more loose and etc. There are some tips that can help double your carpet's life, make it look like new for many years. They don't require professional cleansing or any complex treatment often, these things that we are about to tell you are very simple and helpful.

First so called enemy of handmade rug is sunlight. This doesn't mean small amount of light which is quite the opposite actually, because dark and moist environment help with spreading bugs, sunlight is good but very frequently. Constant sunlight is damaging, because color starts fading knots and material itself becomes dry from loss of oils and moist and becomes breakable. Try to avoid constant sunlight and protect the carpet.

Woolen carpets, if not taken care of and vacuumed, are source of dirt, allergies and the worst bugs and moths. If you use carpet constantly and clean it there is not a big possibility of bugs spreading in it. Moths and bugs are often found in rugs which are stored for years in dark places, like closets, basements. You should clean stored closets, leave it on sunlight for small amount of time, this way bugs won't lay eggs. For carpets in use, vacuum them from both sides and clean professionally form time to time.

Rotating rug approximately 2 time in 6 months keeps it more even, color stays same in every area because sunlight changes with rotation. Also if pressure isn't similar on some places changing placement helps with that too.

Although cleaning is essential for everything including handmade rugs, they should be cleaned when needed. Regular washing damages carpet, recommended frequency of cleaning is one in 3-5 years.

If you use these tips and pay a little more attention to your rug it will last much more time and you will be able to enjoy piece of artwork, comfort and pleasing interior which it brings to your house.



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