Why Persian rugs are expensive


As you already know Persian rugs have been one of the most popular and also most expensive of Oriental rugs. Persia was the first country which started using woolen handwoven rugs, so depending on experience, which this country has gathered for centuries and the diversity in designs with different weaving techniques, Persian rugs are highest quality product on market, as well as expensive. There are few reasons on why Persian rug stays superior.

Difference between Oriental and Persian rugs


Many people do not understand the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs, if you are thinking of purchasing a handmade rug you should know how to tell apart machine made and authentic Persian, or Oriental rugs. Especially if you are a rug buyer you may know there are a few things that can give you a hint about a production of a rug. Knowing this you will figure out if a certain rug is Oriental or Persian or not.

How to choose a rug for bedroom


What are the features that are most suitable for a bedroom? The first thing that comes to mind when choosing a rug is its design and role. However, many factors are involved in purchasing a suitable rug for the desired space. Often we are confused about choosing the right carpet because we do not know Exactly what we should consider most. Wide rug covering the whole surface of floor brings special warmth and comfortable atmosphere, but it can get a bit complicated to clean thoroughly.

Tips for buying the best Persian rug


Many cities in Iran are involved in carpet making industry and each and one of them have their own niche. Every region of the country has its own style in weaving and design creating, so style in Persian rugs is mainly depended on cities and usually has its own name as well. Cultural peculiarity, natural environment, raw materials - everything has an impact on the final product which is a Persian hand-knotted rug. As you can tell, there have to be a huge diversity on market and you can become easily overwhelmed with so many options, but there are a few tips you can use and make your task of finding the best product for yourself easier.

Persian rugs in interior design


Rug with nice color and design is essential for interior if you want cozy, comfortable and warm atmosphere. Persian rugs are well-known in the world for it's quality, unique styles and wide variety in handmade rugs. Iranian carpet making industry and market is diverse enough for people to choose the best product which will compliment their house.

Modern Persian rugs


Persia is famous for its long history in carpet making. Classic Persian rug is very beautiful, very diverse and also expensive. People interested in vintage, unique and rare items love old style carpets with various ornaments and captivating colors, although, modern style Iranian rugs are gaining more popularity day by day. Modern style can be carpets with new design or renovated old ones.

What colors in Persian rugs represent


Persian rugs are one of the most valuable works of art, with a very interesting historical and symbolic background. Starting from the color of rug to ornaments, everything has it's meaning and those elements together tell some story. There is a huge diversity in styles of Persian carpets, starting from simple design such as one colored rug or repeated patterns, to complicated and very detailed ornaments, which take months to create, for example in oriental rugs. Besides beautiful plans of rugs colors also have meaning and are symbolic. Some colors have calming and peaceful effect when others can be very energizing and lively. This is the reason why Persian rugs are very popular and valued in the world because Persian people consider every aspect of carpet making.

How to take care of handmade rugs


Handmade rugs are, of course, more stable, durable and high quality than machine-made but it does not mean that it not requires attention and care from owner. Taking care of handmade carpet is very important because it can be damaged like everything else, it can change color, change shape, knots might become more loose and etc. There are some tips that can help double your carpet's life, make it look like new for many years. They don't require professional cleansing or any complex treatment often, these things that we are about to tell you are very simple and helpful.

What is the difference between handmade and machine made rugs?


Many people don't understand the difference between these two types of carpet making, which affects price and quality of product. First thing before you purchase a carpet you should be sure that it is in fact handwoven. There are some tips that can be helpful while shopping for real handwoven rug.

MODI's ways in putting spotlight on handmade carpets


Company "MODI" started it's business in country Georgia in 2017 since then the company is trying to help people in getting more information and interest in handmade carpet culture. Our company's mission is not only selling, but we also encourage our followers, costumers and just viewers to get to know this beautiful world of handmade carpets, it's complex nature, artistic, very deep and meaningful sides. We try to show them many people's hard work and gain some trust and support. We want our costumers to support this hard-work and culture which exists, changes and is developing for centuries.


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