What is the difference between handmade and machine made rugs?

by Modi Arti Admin

Many people don't understand the difference between these two types of carpet making, which affects price and quality of product. First thing before you purchase a carpet you should be sure that it is in fact handwoven. There are some tips that can be helpful while shopping for real handwoven rug.

First of all you can tell handmade and machine made carpets apart by checking the back. While weaving by hand knots come out more uneven and different is sizes than mechanical. Knots on mechanical are close to perfect.

Second thing is fringes on the ends of carpet. On machine made carpets fringes are sewn after the carpet is manufactured. It makes it look like it handmade. On handwoven fringes are actual extension of carpet foundation and they won't look like sewn, because it's part of carpet.

Most important thing which defines the value of handmade carpet is strength. the quality of knots is higher therefore rugs are more durable. Hand-knotted rug, the fibers are held in place with tightly woven knots that do not pull out over time. Also These rugs are made of better quality material, wool, cotton, silk and etc. Which gives them durability, makes them long lasting and high quality. In machine made rugs materials are synthetic, nylon and polyester, because they are cheap and in conclusion very low quality.

In the end, unique design, strength and durability, quality materials makes handwoven rugs more expensive and superior in quality in comparison to machine made. You just have to be sure that what you are buying meets the demands written above.

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