Why Persian rugs are expensive

by Modi Arti Admin

As you already know Persian rugs have been one of the most popular and also most expensive of Oriental rugs. Persia was the first country which started using woolen handwoven rugs, so depending on experience, which this country has gathered for centuries and the diversity in designs with different weaving techniques, Persian rugs are highest quality product on market, as well as expensive. There are few reasons on why Persian rug stays superior.

Handmade Art

When we are talking about Persian rug we mean handmade. The best rugs are entirely made by hand. It takes a great amount of time, because every knot is done carefully by experienced master. depending on size of a rug, weaving process can last from couple months to years. In the end a rug is higher quality than machine made and the cost of it rises as well.

High Quality Materials

Another reason affecting the high price is materials which is used in making a rug. Till this day only natural wool, cotton and silk is being used by Persian masters and of course all these natural materials are local. As for the colors used to dye wool, Persian people produced desired colors from natural materials, such as plants, flowers, etc. Cotton is mostly used as a base, wool as a pile, silk is the most expensive material so entirely silk rug is very expensive. Silk-wool combination is also very popular.

High Durability

The highest demand on the market is on antique Persian rugs. If a handmade rug is well reserved and the design is unique the price gets higher the older rug gets. These rugs were mostly made for Persian families. They take good care of their rugs for 50-60 and more years. Meanwhile the price rises higher, it is like an investment. If you decide to purchase a Persian rug, it is guaranteed that it will last for many years and maybe become one of your most prized possession.


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