Isfahan Carpet

It is woven in Isfahan province and the surrounding towns.

Due to the use of high quality materials and the small size of the knots and the softness of the carpet, it is more exported to European markets.

The roots in these carpets use cotton, or wool and/or silk.

the horizontal yarn inside the rug used to fasten the knots.

The rugs are thin and light in weight.

At the same time they have a very long lasting

In some cases,gold and silver are used in the texture of these carpets.

There are 500 to 700 knots per square inch on the carpet.

The price of a carpet is determined by the number of knots per square inch or kpsi.

Vertical yarn in the rugs are made by hand from the cotton plant and therefore do not have the same diameter everywhere

At the beginning and end of these carpets there is a kilim weave that has no lint and helps the carpet to live long time The carpet drawings of Isfahan are as follows

Seven Cities Of Love

Meet God

secret of world


Coral Garden

Fish World

In all carpets, the role of flowers and leaves is seen

The colors of the rugs are generally the have harmony

The red and indigo are mostly woven around the carpets

About 14 colors are used in esfehan carpets

cleanning The carpets of Esfahan should be very specialized because of the fine texture and the use of silk.

Below are designs of Isfahan carpets