Gabbeh Rug

Gabbeh rugs are usually woven in the center and south of Iran by nomads. The weaving method is one of the oldest methods of carpet production. The weaver uses a mental weaving method to make it, so no two carpets in the world are quite alike. The rugs have large knots and long hair and are very soft.

In the Iranian tribes, Gabbeh has been woven by women and girls. In the spring they trim the sheep and goats and then separate them depending on the color of the wool. The wool is then washed and dried. At this point, the weavers twist the wool using a small device called a spindle and prepare the woolen threads to produce rugs. Then they start to weave using frames lying on the floor.

Gabbeh texture is prevalent in Fars, Bushehr and Khorasan provinces, but the best Gabbehs are handmade by Fars Qashqai artisans.

The backgrounds of most Gabbeh are white and cream, the picture and ornament colors are brown and red

Gabbeh's famous designs are the design of lion, elite, flower, tree, geometric figures, four seasons.

In the past, the color of Gabbeh was natural wool, but nowadays the variety of Gabbeh colors has increased with the use of herbal colors.

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