Carpet Ghom

One of Iran's most exquisite carpets

Carpet weaving in this area dates back to a hundred years ago and began among the Nomads and villagers.

In the beginning, the carpets had bad quality because of using inferior materials.

There were just forty knots in each centimeter. After a while, the artists of this region changed their idea and started weaving silk carpets. The textures of these rugs had the finest quality natural silk from China.

Currently, the highest number of knots per square centimeter of the carpet is about 75 knots.

The color of each carpet was originally 6 colors but with the change of texture these colors were increased to 16 colors and now the carpets are woven with more than 50 colors which is very beautiful and looks like a painting to the viewer.

The design of these carpets is usually individual and this makes them unique. Price of Ghom carpet varies from $ 100 to $ 1500. When the carpet is woven, a meeting is held between representative of weaver and the carpet investor to determine the price of the carpet.

The general designs of these carpets include bergamot, Shah Abbasi, Moharramat-Gol. The making of one square meter of this carpet takes 6 months.

Below are designs of Ghom carpets

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