Hamadan Carpet

These rugs are woven in western Iran.

The origin city of weaving these rugs is Hamadan city and it is offered in Tusercan and Malayer, Nahavand and Hassan Abad towns and hundreds of villages

Hamedan dates back to about seven hundred years BC and was traditionally called Hekmataneh. These rugs are made of wool, The long yarns, or carpet roots, are made of cotton.They are very durable and heavy. The designs of these rugs are often geometric and very close to Herat's designs. These rugs are often 120 x 200 cm and 100 x 150 cm.

Red, blue and indigo colors are used in these carpets.The color of the rugs and the wool spinning of these carpets are made in Hamadan. In general it can be said that these rugs have good quality.

Below are designs Hamadan carpets

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