Herris Carpet

These rugs are woven in northwestern Iran and in the city of Herris 40 miles from Tabriz. In total, thirty cities and villages deal with the carpet weaving of Harris.

They are known for their quality and durability. Due to the extreme cold in this area, these carpets are firm and thick to keep the floor warm and comfortable. High quality raw materials have increased the quality of wool. The secret to their survival is in the wool of the sheep in this area. The soils of this area are rich in copper. The metal is used in the water and plants of the Fran sheep causing the flexibility of the wool.

The main part of the design is a large Diamond in the center and there are smooth and broken lines and no curved lines. The geometric design is a characteristic of this fringe, with the sharp central edge of the center symbolizing oak trees. The carpet contains sarapi and Harris & Geravan models that have serrated texture. Herris has normal texture and Gravani larger texture. The plan of these carpets is a combination of urban and rural carpets.

Vibrant colors have been used in making colors. Older carpets were red and indigo, but red, cream, black, and copper are more commonly used today. Recently one to four colors of silk are also used in the texture of these carpets.

The roots of Harris are made of cotton and the knots are made of wool. There are 25 to 45 knots per square centimeter. Dimensions of usual Harris carpets:100 * 150 cm, 150 * 200 cm, 200 * 300 cm, 300 * 400 cm, 400 * 600 cm.

These rugs are very popular among designers for usage in modern decorations.

Below are designs of Herris carpets