Kashan Carpet

Carpet weaving in the Kashan dates back to four hundred years. At that time, the city Kashan was at the center of Iranian roads, and all convoys were traveling along this route. The first silk carpets of Iran were woven in Kashan and the first silk production center was Kashan in Iran.

Kashan carpet is well-known and popular in the world. It is still made with the same old design.

300 years ago the texture of silk carpets was removed and wool carpets were produced with the highest quality raw materials. The imminent was first imported from Manchester and Australia, known as Merinos wool. But nowadays Sabzevar wool is used that has very high quality.

These carpets have a larger diameter and weight than other Iranian carpets, but the older ones were much finer.

The warp of Kashan carpets is made of cotton, but tile - of wool or silk. They have few colors and plan variation.

The rugs have between 120 and 840 knots per square inch. The quality is good and the texture is harmonious

Unlike Nain and Tabriz carpets, these carpets are not washed after weaving, that's why their wool turns yellow and the carpet changes slightly after their first washing.

The dominant color of these rugs is red. The rest is blue, indigo and green. Now are used more bright colors such as cream, white, pale blue and gray.

Below are examples of these carpets

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