Kelardasht carpet

These carpets are woven in the Mazandaran province in north of Iran and south of Caspian Sea.

The history of making these carpets goes back 300 years.

With the migration of Kurdish people to the area and settling in these areas, carpet making became common and the designs of these carpets were close to Kurdistan carpets but woven with local materials.

In terms of materials and coloring these are on of the best rugs in Iran.

The wool of these carpets is hand-knit.

The plan of these carpets is not on paper and the weaver carries the knitting the carpet using his memory.

The colors of these carpets are taken from plants and the dominant colors are dark red, green and indigo.

These rugs have long hair and are usually small in size.

These rugs are all wool.

This carpet have 18 to 25 knots per square centimeter

They range from 60 * 90 to 400 * 300 cm

Below are examples of these carpets


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