Carpet of Kurdistan

These rugs are woven in the western part of Iran.

Ninety thousand people are engaged in carpet weaving in the area and using local raw materials for carpet weaving.

It is a mountainous region and its cold and mountainous climate has had an impact on the wool of the sheep and thus on the woven rugs in the area.

The Kurdistan rug can be divided into four categories.

senneh rugs

bijar carpet

Afshar or nomadic carpet

senneh rugs

The rug is softer than other rugs and has shorter hair.

It is usually woven in small dimensions.

Plan of this rugs:

Fish.Bush. Four bushes. Eight bushes. Flower and bird. is

These rugs are mostly woven in the city of Sanandaj.

There are 12 to 30 knots per square centimeter.

Bijar carpet

This carpet is described separately because of its quality and quality, which you can refer to the Bijar carpet section by clicking on Bijar.

The hairs on the carpet are too long.

There are 12 to 20 knots per square centimeter.

The dimensions of these rugs are usually large.

Afshar or nomadic carpet.

These rugs are produced in the city of Saqez and Divan Darreh and Baneh.

Camel wool is usually used in these carpets.

The dominant color of these carpets is red, yellow and brown.

size of this rugs are little rough.

Some of these weavers have made Tabriz silk root carpets and carpets which did not have the quality of the preliminary work, but nowadays Tabriz silk carpets with different colors and sometimes better quality than Tabriz itself. The area is woven and marketed under the name of Tabriz Carpet

Below are examples of these carpets