Mashhad Carpet

Mashhad is located in northeast of Iran and its carpet weaving goes back 400 years.

At first these carpets were made with the Herati and Fish designs, followed by the famous floral designs, Shah Abbasi and Lachek Thorang.

These rugs were mostly produced in red, light brown and indigo.

After the boom in Mashhad, the surrounding cities and villages turned to the industry as there are now 70,000 handmade carpets in the area.

In the old years, the area had high carpet exports and therefore, to accelerate the production of Mashhad carpet, it came down to speed and the shelf life of these carpets was low because of poor quality raw materials used.

For this reason, after the decline in quality and as a result of the decline in sales, consumers have changed their minds to use good quality materials and this has again increased the quality and sales of these products.

The number of knots in these bands is 25 to 30 knots per square centimeter

kpsi = 120-775

Mashhad Carpet Map

Herat.Thorange.Fish.Bloch.Kurdish.Tribal is

The carpet producing cities are:


The carpet production frame in Mashhad is standing and vertical

The size of these rugs is usually large

Sometimes in this area carpets with woven plan and colors of Tabriz silk wefts are used. The design is taken from Tabriz fresco but the raw material and type of texture and number of knots belong to Mashhad region.

Examples of Mashhad carpet


kilim carpetkilim antique carpetsilk carpetpatchworkgabbeh special saleup to $150pictorial carpet