Carpet Moud

These rugs are woven in the village of Moud near Birjand city and south of Khorasan province

It has the highest quality among the carpets of eastern Iran

Moud's carpet fame peaked over 50 years ago, and it was one of the most expensive and scarce antique carpets in Iran at the time.

These rugs are close to Kerman and Ghom rugs

Their texture is made of cotton roots and the transverse yarns used to fasten the knots, they are from wool and the knots are silk and wool.

With the popularity of this carpet and its rising prices and limited production 40 years ago weavers were forced to use conventional chemicals color and dyes to increase production speed.

As a result, the quality of the carpet wears down and the demand for chemical carpeting and inadequate raw materials reduced.

Today, with the change in the production process and the reuse of plant colors and high quality materials, these carpets are back to good quality back in time.

Moud carpets are no longer just woven in the village and its texture is found in several villages and towns, all known as Mood Carpets.

The reason for the high quality of Moud carpet is that in the past was that weaving was done by hand and dyeing these wool strands also done manually by one person.

For this reason, color and texture had a very high harmony.

Carpet Mood Drawings:

Herat or fish without torang

All of the carpets have very small fish, and there is no torang center in the carpet

fish and lachak torang.

The shape of the fish is woven all over the carpet, and in the center of the carpet is a 16-sided turret.

Quadrilateral squares are repeated on all carpets and within these squares the role of flowers or birds or animals

Custom plans:

Each plan is woven according to customer's order.

The background color of these carpets is cream or chocolate.

The dominant colors in the carpet are:

The color is red, dark red, blue, green, brown, pink.

There are 25 to 30 knots per square centimeter.

Characteristics of the carpet are the many shapes and patterns of carpets on the margins and around the carpet.

Examples of Moud carpet


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