Carpet Nain

These rugs have been woven in the central part of Iran for hundred years. In the Nain area before weaving the carpet, people used to wear clothes made of camel wool and used the same wool strands for carpet roots. And that led to the production of very high quality knots, that there were 2222 knots per square inch.In one square meter of these eras there are between 300,000 and one million knots.

The texture of these carpets is similar to Isfahan and Kerman. The dominant color is light and matte. The main colors in the nain carpet are 11 and four colors are sub colors. These colors are cream, light brown, dark brown, royal blue, dark gray, red, light gray, , dark blue.

High quality Nain carpet is woven in the city of Nain and the surrounding villages. Avarage Nain carpets are woven in Qazvin, Isfahan and Biabank and third grade carpets are woven in Tabas, Kashmar and Sabzevar.

The main designs of Nayin Shah Abbasi carpets are Lachek Torang and Dome.

Basic dimensions of the carpet: 80 x 120 cm, 130 x 200 cm, 170 x 270 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 300 x 400 cm.

Nain carpets are most used carpet among Iranian families because of the high quality materials, durability and the colour sustainability during multiple washing. Very large and custom carpets are also woven in Nain.The classification of Nain rugs is based on the size of the warp.

Nain carpet based on the size of the root into three categories:

4 LA:The roots are made of two strands of double threads.

6 LA: The roots are made of three strands of double threads.

9 LA:The roots are made of three strands of three threads.

The quality of the four 4 LA is very high though the price is very high. The 6 LA has good quality and 9 LA is usual rug

Design of nain carpets