Sardroud carpet

This area is located in northwestern Iran and in East Azerbaijan province and close to Tabriz city.

This carpet history in this city goes back one hundred years.

Almost all woven rugs in this area are pictorial carpets.

In general, pictorial carpets are woven in 18 provinces of Iran and 350,000 people in Iran are engaged in this production and 80 percent of carpets are produced in Sardroud region.

There are 18,000 active weavers and 800 home workshops.

Eighty percent of the population in the area is engaged in the production of carpets and related jobs

22 different kind of jobs work together to produce carpets from beginning to end.

Seventy thousand carpets are produced each year in Iran, mostly exported to China, Japan, the US, Germany, and Arabic countries.

Carpets are often woven from Merinos wool and silk.

The number of knots per square centimeter is 50 to 60 knots

The number of colors used is typically 40 to 160 colors

Making of all kinds of customized images is prevalent in this area and one of the strands of carpet weaving is very hard and requires very high skill.

Below are examples of these carpets

available examples of Sardroud rugs

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