Sirjan carpet
Sirjan is located in Kerman province and is the center of production and sales of carpet and kilim carpets.
The most important handicrafts made in garlic are carpets and carpets
This product is mainly produced by nomadic women
In Sirjan area, 14,000 weavers work in 6,000 home workshops and produce about 30,000 square meters of carpet carpet annually.
The colors of the carpets are mostly herbal and the roots are wool and the nodes and yarns are wrapped around the roots of the wool (fine and thin wool).
In previous years the tribes used these products to cover their belongings during transportation
For this reason it was very tightly produced
These carpets are called shiraki pich
These carpets are produced jointly by several weavers
Because of the high quality raw materials and precision weavers, they are also called tissue needles, the needle-woven carpet.
These carpets are created by twisting and twisting the yarns around the roots of the carpet
Since 20 years, the carpet and carpet combination has been invented and much appreciated
China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are producing this kind of product and are being offered at a lower price in the world market due to the lower quality of textures and raw materials used.