Tabriz Carpet

This city is one of the major centers of handmade carpet production in Iran.

The city is located in northwestern Iran and dates backfor made carpet to 400 years

At first the art was formed in the countryside. The rural carpets were 20 knots per square centimeter and were woven into thick wool and were very durable but less beautiful.

The number of knots per cent increased to 25-30-35-40-50-60 per square centimeter after entering the city and producing urban carpets, and raw materials into higher quality wools and roots The cotton changed and silk was used in their making.

At this time, Tabriz carpet merchants were motivated by the export of carpets and therefore these carpets were produced according to the taste of European customers.

Currently, there are 16,000 small and large carpet production workshops in Tabriz, with 32,000 weavers working in these workshops.

And the industry in Tabriz has expanded to such an extent that the World Crafts Council has chosen Tabriz as the World Carpet weaving city.

In this city, carpets ranging from 20 knots to exquisite rugs are knitted at 110 knots per cm.

The roots of these carpets are made of cotton or silk and the knots are wool and sometimes silk.

The highlight in these carpets is very high, which makes the carpets seem deep.

These carpets are usually short lint and must be washed and sent for sale after the carpet production.

European carpet companies usually choose carpets with 35 knots.

The carpet frame of Tabriz is usually 16% of the total width of the carpet, and the main frame is twice the subframe.

Famous Iranian carpet designs are 19 designs that Tabriz weaves use in almost all these carpets.

Picture of Old Buildings-Shah Abbasi-Eslami-Afshan-frame frame-Tree-Hunting ground -Frame-Flower-Vase-Fish-Altar-Geometric-Shrub

Until 1970, Tabriz rug with knot number 20 per square centimeter was made of thick wool and from 1980 silk was used.

The largest one-piece carpet in the world is woven in Tabriz and only two carpets in Tabriz can be found exactly the same

Because in this city the rugs are also paired together by a weaver.

Below are designs of Tabriz carpets

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