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Carpet weaving area or city: Tabriz - iran

Size of the carpet: 304 x 202 cm

Carpet warp: cotton

Carpet pile: wool

Carpet background-color: red

Carpet design name: Azar Shahr

Carpet color: Chemical

Condition: New

Number of knots per 1 cm square:39

Carpet thickness: 9 mm

Carpet defects: There are no defects

Carpet weight: 20 kg

Located in the heart of Iran, Tabriz is indeed a cradle of culture, art, and history. Among its many treasures, none is perhaps as emblematic of its rich heritage as the handmade carpets of Tabriz.

A millennium ago, Tabriz thrived as the epicenter of Persian carpet weaving, drawing in skilled artisans from near and far. This tradition of carpet making has endured through the ages, with techniques passed down through generations, continuously refined and perfected.

The handmade carpets of Tabriz stand out for their incomparable quality and beauty. Crafted from the finest materials, including wool, silk, and cotton, these carpets boast intricate designs inspired by Persian motifs, each telling its own unique story.

Crafting a handmade Tabriz carpet is a painstaking process, often stretching across months, if not years. It begins with the meticulous selection of materials, followed by the careful dyeing of yarn using natural pigments derived from plants and minerals. Weaving comes next, demanding precision and patience. Finally, the rug undergoes a series of meticulous finishing touches, including washing, stretching, and trimming, all to ensure its flawless appearance.


  • red
  • New
  • Wool&Cotton Warp



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