Qashqai runner carpet, code: dafezan162001

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Carpet specifications:

Carpet code: dafezan162001

The location of the carpet (the city where the carpet is currently located): Georgia - Tbilisi

Type of carpet: rural carpet

The name of the hand-woven carpet: runner carpet

Carpet size: 150 x 60 cm

Type of carpet design: Qashqai

Material of carpet warp: wool yarn

Carpet pile material: wool

Color: navy blue

Age of the carpet: new

Qashqai runner carpet, code: dafezan162001

Getting to know the features of hallway runner rug

Using a hallway runner rug in home decoration can effectively add beauty and charm to your interior space. Below are some features of incorporating a hallway runner rug in home decor:

Adding pattern and color: Hallway runner rugs are available in various patterns and designs. By selecting a runner rug with attractive patterns and colors, you can quickly and peacefully transform the interior of your home.

Defining a separate space: With a hallway runner rug, you can create a distinct space within your home. For example, placing a runner rug in the hallway separates it from other areas and creates a welcoming and inviting ambiance for guests.

Preserving the flooring: Using a hallway runner rug helps protect your floors from scratches and wear. Acting as a protective layer between the bare floor and smaller rugs, a runner rug safeguards the flooring against everyday hazards like moisture and abrasions.

Preventing slips: An important feature of a hallway runner rug is its ability to provide an anti-slip surface. By placing a runner rug in areas prone to slipping hazards such as stairs or sloping paths, you enhance the safety of your home.

Balance and coordination: Incorporating a hallway runner rug can bring harmony between different elements of your interior space. By choosing a color and pattern that complements the rest of the decor, the runner rug can tie all the elements together and create a cohesive and complete look for your home.

By using a hallway runner rug, you can quickly and easily enhance the appeal and liveliness of your home decor. When selecting a runner rug, consider your personal taste and the style of your home decor to create a desired and serene space.


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