Login and registration

1. What are the benefit of registration at Midimodi?

2. How to create my account?

You can easily create your account by clicking on button which is located on top right side "My account", then click "Register" button. All you have to do is enter your e-mail, password and then confirm your password. Now you have account on our website.

3. Do you need to be a member to to buy products?

You don't have to become member to purchase products from our website. Happy shopping!

4. Is it possible to edit your account in the future?

5. I forgot my password what should i do?

It is very simple to reset password if you happened to forget it. Just go to "My account" on top right corner and click "Sign in" then write your e-mail and click "Forgot your password" button. You will have to insert your e-mail adress to receive new password from website.