Hello everyone!

Company MIDIMODI (Modi llc) was founded 2 years ago, but we have longer history. Family-based company has been in this business field for 70 years. ''I wanted to grow my business around the world, starting from Georgia (Tbilisi), because it is easier to connect with rest of the world (Iran is an isolated country). I hope all of you will be satisfied with our online shop. We try to suggest you good quality products with the cheapest price''- said CEO Mr Masoud Davodabadi.

Our mission

It is easy to tell you who we are, but a little bit difficult to tell who we want to be. Firstly, our mission is to help people make their interior comfortable place for themselves. We offer handmade carpets in every style. Carpet makes cozy and calm atmosphere, that busy stressful people need so much. A handmade carpet is not only part of interior, but art. Though we are popularizing handmade art with great pleasure.


Family of Davodabadi started carpet business 70 years ago. They opened first shop - ''Golestan'' and started to export handmade carpets in the UAE, Germany, Indonesia, USA and Sweden. Now they have 3 branches in Iran for supporting our business out of country. We wanted to start worldwide business and make new way for our customers. 2 years ago was opened showroom in Tbilisi (you can find more information here and in Google map). Midimodi created base for online-marketing and now we are ready to invite you, our customer to Midimodi carpet shop.

So welcome to our online shop and have a good shopping time.