What are the benefits of a website for buyers?

Website benefits for buyers

The possibility of buying cheap carpets due to the presentation of carpets by carpet manufacturers and weavers

More power to choose from

The power to choose between a higher number of different types of carpets due to the presence of a large number of local vendors and weavers and wholesalers on the site

Possibility of direct communication with the carpet owner

Due to the direct number of the carpet owner, the buyer can contact the carpet owner after choosing the desired carpet, and the buyer and seller can be very clear and real about the quality of the carpet and visiting the carpet and payment method and financial documents and carpet testing at home. The buyer or seller negotiates and the buyer can negotiate with the carpet owner for a further discount.

Request product check

By purchasing the product check option, the buyer can be informed of the availability of the carpet and the cost of sending it to the buyer and special discounts.

If the buyer and seller are in the same country, the shipping cost is free - shipping cost depending on the country of origin and destination. Product number. Product weight. Sends all cases to the buyer

Possibility to return the carpet

All products offered on the site have the ability to return the product within seven days

In cases where the buyer and seller contact each other directly and make a transaction, this period is negotiable and may be increased or decreased or eliminated.

Possibility to change the carpet in a certain time

In cases where the seller and the buyer are in the same city, it is possible for buyers to make a direct contact with the seller, and an agreement has been reached on this, and it may be increased or decreased or eliminated.

Possibility of paying cash in cash, conditions, checks and installments

Due to the direct connection between the seller and the buyer, it is possible to pay the carpet in cash, checks and installments, and this depends entirely on the type of agreement between the seller and the buyer, and its responsibility is completely with the seller and the buyer. He has no responsibility

Possibility to replace the old carpet of the buyer with the new carpet selected with the best conditions and price

After the buyer chooses the carpet, it is possible for the buyers to pay part or all of the amount of the purchased carpet by selling their old carpet and exchange their old carpet with the new carpet of their choice.

This is entirely a matter of agreement and depends on the agreement of the buyer and the buyer, and the company has no role or responsibility in this matter.

Possibility to buy at a very reasonable price at the time of the auction and special sale on the website

Possibility of informing about auctions, discounts and special sales by subscribing to the newsletter at the end of this form

Accurate and up-to-date information on the prices of various types of carpets in the manufacturers and the prices offered by the weavers

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