What are the benefits of a website for sellers?

Website benefits for sellers

Possibility of selling inside and outside Iran online

Direct communication with home buyers and carpet consumers inside and outside Iran

Direct communication with major carpet buyers inside and outside Iran

Very easy and convenient to use to upload images and specifications for products

No need to have special equipment and technical knowledge to prepare images and upload products

Provide products in 4 languages

Possibility to sell in dollars

Registration and contact number of the seller with the product

Free use of public advertisements on the website inside and outside Iran

Direct contact with wholesalers and manufacturers and carpet weavers

Direct communication with other local vendors and pricing and knowledge of local vendor size products

Accurate and up-to-date information on the prices of various types of carpets in the manufacturers and the prices offered by the weavers

Know the inventory of wholesale carpets and weavers to buy

Ability to exchange and buy and participate in sales with other local partners and sellers

Access to images and prices of carpets that can be prepared to receive orders from customers and consumers

Ability to advertise on the website in the field of carpets and in the field of store location

Ability to advertise on Instagram inside and outside Iran

Ability to advertise on Google inside and outside Iran

Ability to advertise on the websites of carpet-related products inside and outside Iran

Ability to market your products outside of Iran by country, city and target community

Ability to advertise on the sites of the countries in question

Possibility of targeted advertising on Facebook

Ability to send to all countries without restrictions

Possibility of special sales and discounts for products individually or in groups

Ability to send ads to carpet buyers

Ability to send ads to colleagues and other local vendors

Ability to create installment sales conditions and attract more audience

Receive orders from your customers for carpets that are not available

Possibility of holding auctions and selling cash and fast and below the price and sending advertisements to other colleagues to participate in this auction

Possibility of price change due to market fluctuations

Ability to sell outside of Iran and receive money in Iran

Possibility of marketing in different countries

Know the price fluctuations in wholesalers and weavers

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