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How to add to website sellers?

This is very convenient. First, refer to the sellers' form on the main page and enter and send your store details and other information and address. After sending, an email containing the sales code will be sent to you within 24 hours, after which you will go to the product upload section and You can easily upload your products to the store by entering the sales code and images and product information and sending it

How to upload your products?

First, by getting the sales code on the first page, go to the uploads section and upload the sales code and product information and images.

Is it possible to upload products with a mobile phone?

Yes, you can take photos of your products with your mobile phone and upload them. However, in some phones it is not possible to upload photos, and also some phone models automatically edit the photos, which should be taken into consideration, etc. Be activated

Why aren't my images uploaded?

The size of the submitted photo must be a maximum of 2 MB. That's why if your photo has a higher volume, you will encounter an error message

You can use the volume reduction apps without the loss of quality that is for Android phones, or you can also use the photo volume reduction software on the computer.

How to sell on the website?

In the Iranian section, the buyer sees the pictures of your carpet and, if he wishes, he will contact you and apply for the purchase, or send a request to the company to check the product, and the company will contact you and inform you about the availability of the product and send the information to the buyer. If possible, the buyer will contact the owner and purchase or visit the carpet

In foreign sales, the buyer requests to check the product and the company contacts the seller and makes sure that the product is available, then sends the product price and shipping cost to the buyer. If desired, the buyer pays the purchase amount and this amount is in the company's account. Is saved. At this time, the company contacts the seller and announces the purchase and the seller sends the carpet to the company's office in Tehran and provides the company with the carpet according to a contract. After expertise and ensuring the same conditions announced by the seller and the company. The actual conditions of the carpet send the carpet

The delivery time is 20 working days for the carpet to be delivered to the buyer and the buyer has 7 days to return the carpet at his own expense. After this period, if the carpet is not returned, the seller's money will be paid, and if the carpet is returned, the carpet will be returned to Iran and delivered to the seller.

Why is the Rial price of the product different from the dollar price of the product?

The price is based on the toman for sale in Iran and the price based on the dollar, in addition to the price of the product, includes the shipping cost to Georgia and the customs fee and 5% of the company's profit.

Does the company benefit from the sale of carpets in Iran?

No, in the sales made in Iran, the company does not receive any profit or amount

How to auction for products?

If the seller wishes, he can consider discounts for all his products or each product separately and at different times, and the company will display these discounts for the products. All you have to do is email the seller the product code and the amount of the discount and the discount time for the company

What is the method of receiving money for selling Iran?

In terms of sales in Iran, the company has not received any money from the parties and does not participate in the transaction. All financial agreements have been made between the parties and the company has no interference or responsibility in this regard

In which countries does the site advertise specifically?

Our website has a collection of social networks and we have focused our public advertising specifically on Georgia, Iran, Russia and the European Union, which is done on social media and Google and other advertising methods.

What is website advertising like inside Iran?

The company's public advertising is completely free for sellers. Our company has an advertising system for the sales department between manufacturers and sellers by identifying stores and manufacturers and local stores. For homebuyers and consumers, it uses Google search and Google marketing ads and Instagram ads.

Is there a problem selling carpets uploaded to the website in the seller's store?

No, manufacturers and retailers have no restrictions on the personal sale of their products in their stores

It is only better to inform the company about this after the sale, because if the customers find out that the product has been sold after choosing the product, the company will introduce similar products to the customer by other sellers.

Do I have to pay to become a seller and upload products on the website?

No, there is no charge for adding sellers to the website

What is the product return guarantee?

In foreign sales, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase within 7 days after receiving the product and return the product at his own expense.

What is the expertise of the carpet before sending it from Iran?

Before sending carpets from Iran, all carpets are reviewed in the company's branch in Tehran and if they match the contents uploaded on the site, they will be sent by the seller to the buyer.

Percentage of company receipts from sales

What is the value of Iran?

The company receives 5% of the transaction amount for sale outside of Iran as the company's profit

What is a sales tax?

Sales outside of Iran have an average tax rate of 18 to 25 percent, which varies depending on the destination country, and if this amount needs to be paid in the buyer's country, this amount would add to the price of the product.

What are the criteria for selling outside of Iran?

According to the basic contract, the payment to the seller of the dollar is the amount received by the seller

What are the important points in uploading products?

Sellers must observe the principle of honesty about products and provide accurate and complete information about the product, because in sales in Iran, the buyer first checks the product and then proceeds to buy, and in sales outside Iran, the product will be checked before sending the check. Was

How is the shipping cost paid and who pays for it?

In the case of sales in Iran, where shipping is free for customers, and in the case of overseas sales, shipping costs to Georgia are added to the price of the product, and shipping costs from Georgia to the destination are calculated automatically as shipping costs from customers. Is received

How are products returned?

If the customer receives the product and does not want to buy, the product will be returned at the customer's expense and will be returned to the owner of the carpet.

How to send the product?

In sales in Iran, by contacting the seller and the buyer and the agreements between them, it is possible to send, receive and pay, and in cases of sending outside Iran, the product is sent to the company's office in Iran and reviewed and checked. The company's office is delivered and the company carries out all activities to send the product

Why should we update our products on the website?

If the product is selected by the customer and the seller is contacted by the company or the customer himself and this product has already been sold by the seller, the company will introduce similar items to the customer that can be offered. Therefore, it is better to inform the company by selling the products by the seller so that the company can correct the product. On the other hand, because the number of products that can be displayed for each seller is limited, it is better for sellers to announce the sold products so that both the quality of the site is increased and the sellers use the full capacity of their space for the products that can be sold.

What is the type of payment currency for selling products outside of Iran?

The currency is the basis for the dollar website and payments are based on the dollar or the equivalent of a rial per day.

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