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How to be notified of auctions, discounts and special terms of sale?

By subscribing to the newsletter, you can be informed of all discount times and discount products and auctions, and the company will send you all this information continuously. By subscribing to it, you will be informed of all the information related to the products and types of auctions and discounts and the type of discounted products, and all this information will be sent to you via email.

What are the steps of carpet return?

After receiving the carpet by the customer and if the customer refuses to buy the carpet, he has 7 days to announce the return of the carpet, and this is done by sending an email to the company.

Can I choose several rugs to buy?

Yes, you can choose more than one carpet, which is very effective in reducing shipping costs and reduces the total amount paid by the buyer.

Is it possible to buy and send the product to a address other than the buyer's address?

Yes, the buyer's address and delivery address are separate, and the buyer can deliver the product to any address he wants.

Is it more discount to buy products in bulk?

Yes, if the products are purchased in large quantities, they will affect the shipping cost and the initial price of the product and can be negotiated with the seller.

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