Gabbeh carpet modern style

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Gabbeh carpet with colorful design, made in Iran, Material is natural wool. Gabbehs usually have high wool, it can be goat or sheep wool, which is natural and safe. Gabbeh carpets produced in Iran are a unique art form that is steeped in the history and cultural heritage of the country. The word "gabbe" comes from the Persian "raw" or "natural", emphasizing the naturalness and rawness of these carpets.

These carpets are most often created by the nomadic Gashgai tribe in Fars Province, a southwestern region of Iran. Handcraft is a key element of their production, with each design carefully woven by weavers, conveying centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

One of the characteristics of gabbeh carpets is their thickness, sometimes reaching 2.5 cm. This makes them not only excellent decorative elements, but also a source of comfort and softness for any interior.

Unlike other Persian rugs, the patterns on gabbeh rugs are modest and simple, often containing geometric shapes or animals. They also feature natural shades obtained through the use of vegetable dyes.

Over time, gabbeh carpets have become popular not only in Iran, but also abroad. Their unique design and high quality make them a valuable addition to any home or office. The art of these carpets is not just about making carpets, it is about preserving and passing on the traditions and cultural heritage of Iran through unique and colorful handicrafts.

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  • Warp - wool
  • Pile - wool
  • Size: 120*82cm
  • Style: Gabbeh


  • red
  • colorful
  • New
  • Wool