persian carpet handmade rugs -Gabbeh- runner size : 287x80cm -2.62 x 9.18 foot

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Product Specifications

Product category: Iranian handwoven carpet

Product name: Gabe

Materials used in carpet weaving: natural wool

Carpet design and decoration: modern nomads

Place of carpet weaving: Iran

Carpet size: 287 x 80 cm

Carpet thickness: 20 mm

Carpet age: new

Warp: wool

Pile: wool

Wefts: wool

Number of knots per square centimeter: 21

The number of handmade knots in the whole carpet: 482160 pieces

Time is taken to produce this carpet: 80 days

Additional information: These carpets are produced in villages and in small workshops.

The wool used in this carpet is not dyed, cream wool is obtained from cream-colored sheep, brown wool is obtained from brown-colored sheep, and gray wool is obtained from gray-colored sheep. This carpet has natural colors and is not dyed.

Due to its size, this carpet is very suitable for use in the corridors of the house

In spring, they separate the wool from sheep and goats. Then the wool is separated according to color and quality, washed, and dried. At this stage, the weavers use a small machine called a spindle to wind the wool and prepare the wool strands for carpet production. Then they start weaving using frames that are placed on the ground.

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