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very beautiful handwoven kilim from Dagestan.

The material: wool

colors: plant and chemical

combination Pattern: Original pattern of Dagestan kilims - Caucasian plan

Dimensions:151 x 244 cm

Age: old

Condition of this beauty: Excellent

Learn more about Dagestan carpets:

Dagestan carpets are one of the most beautiful and inherited handicrafts in Dagestan. These carpets are produced in a unique way using the most colorful threads and traditional textures. These works of art not only have unique beauty and charm, but also represent the culture and history of Dagestan.

Dagestan handwoven carpets are made from materials such as wool and natural threads. These materials are dyed using natural colors such as plants and trees of the region. In addition, through various weaving techniques such as checkered, square, triangular and spiral weaving, impressive designs and patterns are created on the rugs.

Due to the cold climate of this region, in the weave of these carpets, yarns with a larger diameter than other carpets are used, and for this reason, these carpets are thicker than Afghani, Iranian, Georgian, and Turkish carpets. are

Dagestan carpets are well-known for their amazing designs and piles used in them. The designs used in these carpets are related to the culture and nature of Dagestan. Some of these designs include flowers, pears, chickens, trees, meadows, and geometric shapes that are repetitive and geometric on the surface of the carpet.

Dagestan handwoven carpets are also used on the wall in addition to being used as floor coverings. They are also used to produce clothes and accessories such as bags. They can also be used as decorative carpets for homes. These carpets are also known as works of art. These woven artworks depict important symbols of Dagestan's identity and culture and point to the region's rich heritage.

Dagestan handwoven carpets are famous all over the world for their beauty, high quality and unique designs. These works of art are popular among tourists and handicraft enthusiasts and are known as one of the cultural symbols of Dagestan.


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