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The term "kilim" refers to a type of hand-woven carpet without lint, which is traditionally produced by the people of Georgia. Georgian kilim have beautiful examples woven with high precision, which are considered an important element in Georgian culture and art.

Specifications of this kilim

  • Size: 310 x 113 cm
  • Warp: wool
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: Georgian style
  • age: new

Learn more about Georgian kilim

Features of Georgian kilim :

Designs and colors: Georgian kilim include multi-threaded, geometric, and beautiful embroidery designs. Traditional colors in these rugs include blue, green, red, crimson, and yellow.

Raw materials: kilim are produced from cotton, wool, or a mixture of these two materials. Typically, Georgian kilim uses wool from local sheep, which creates a better texture.

Weaving process: Georgian rugs are hand woven by the hand weaving skills of Georgian weavers. This process is time-consuming and detailed and requires special words.

Applications: Georgian kilims are popular as beautiful pieces of art and handicrafts and are sold as handwoven products in art and tourism markets. These kilim may also be used as kilim, blankets, hangings, tablecloths, or even clothing. They are very useful in interior decoration as well as in daily use.

Cultural representative: Georgian kilim is recognized as an important representative of Georgian culture and art and represents the art and handwoven traditions of this region.

Therefore, Georgian kilims are not only beautiful and artistic objects but also culturally and spiritually valuable. This article will help you learn more about these Georgian handwoven products and their role in the culture and art of this region.


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