Vintage hand-knotted Georgian Kilim

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Vintage Georgian hand-knotted carpet, age is approximately 80 years. Carpet is damaged in some areas.

In Georgia, both kilims and carpets are traditionally handwoven. The finest quality kilims, known for their flatweave, are prevalent in the mountainous east-north regions like Tusheti, Alvani, Pshavi, Khevsureti, and Kazbegi. Kakheti and Qartli also boast popular kilims distinguished by vibrant floral designs. Mountain kilims, with their geometric patterns and serene hues, are characteristic of the region. While carpets are less common here, Georgian weaving traditions are evident, often featuring inscriptions with ancestral or dowry-related details. Georgia's multicultural landscape, home to Armenian, Azerbaijani, Greek, and Kurdish communities, showcases diverse weaving traditions.

In Kvemo Kartli, Georgian and Azerbaijani artisans collaborate on famous Caucasian carpets like Borchalo, Fachralo, Karachop, Lambalo, and Lori Bambak, known for their quality, vibrant colors, and distinct designs. These carpets, named after their villages of origin, epitomize the Georgia-Azerbaijan weaving style. In southern Georgia near the Turkish border, the Armenian population in Akhaltsikhe creates carpets blending Armenian and Georgian folk elements, characterized by light, warm colors.

In Tsalka, Greeks maintain their unique carpet and kilim weaving traditions, setting them apart from other Georgian rugs. This rich tapestry of weaving heritage adds depth and diversity to Georgia's cultural landscape, reflecting centuries of craftsmanship and artistic expression.

  • Size: 163x102cm
  • Warp: wool
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: kilim


  • cream
  • Old
  • Wool


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