Georgian Handmade Oriental kilim. size: 100 x 63 cm-code:m1418

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Product Specifications

Product category: Georgian kilim

Materials used in kilim weaving: natural wool

Carpet design and decoration: traditional Caucasian decorations

Place of kilim weaving: Georgia

Carpet size: 100 x 63 cm

Carpet thickness: 3 mm

Carpet age: new

Warp: wool

Wefts: wool

This kilim, like most Georgian carpets, has a good and strong texture.

Their texture is such that both sides of the kilim can be used, and the carpet has a special beauty on the front and back of the carpet.

more information:

This category of hand-woven kilim, which is known as Georgian carpet, is usually woven in small pieces. Their decorations are of the Caucasian type and the back and the top of the kilims have the same shape, and you can use both the top and the back of the kilim.

The warp in these types of carpets is usually made of wool, but in some varieties, cotton threads are also used for their warps.


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