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Product Specifications

Product category: modern carpets - collage - modern kilim

Product Name: Patchwork kilim - Collage

Materials used in carpet weaving: natural wool - synthetic leather fabric

Carpet design and decoration: combined

Place of carpet weaving: Iran

Carpet size: 100 x 100 cm

Carpet thickness: 4 mm

Carpet age: new

pile: wool

warp: wool

Wefts: wool

Covering layer behind the kilim: synthetic leather fabric

This category of the rug is created by connecting small pieces of the rug to each other. After being separated from the main carpet, these pieces are placed next to each other according to the idea of the carpet designer and are sewn together for strength.

In most cases, for greater strength of these carpets, a layer of fabric is used under them. This fabric is connected to the pieces of the carpet sewn together by glue and sewing.

Further information:

This group of hand-woven carpets, which are known as patchwork carpets, have recently attracted the attention of interior designers and designers. These carpets are very harmonious with the new decoration of homes, and they can be best used in homes with modern decoration.

To make these carpets, cut pieces of kilim or carpets are used. These pieces can be obtained from new carpets or old carpets.

These types of carpets are the best option for modern decorations.

The weight of this type of carpet is usually less than other carpets.


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