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Patchwork kilims are a type of historical handicraft that are sewn together from small pieces of new kilims or old kilims. These types of kilims have a deep history and are made in different types of designs and patterns. In this article, we discuss the history and method of producing embroidered kilims, their various designs, and their applications in decoration and daily use.

Product Specifications

Product category: modern carpets - collage - modern kilim

Product Name: Patchwork kilim - Collage

Materials used in carpet weaving: natural wool - synthetic leather fabric

Carpet design and decoration: combined

Place of carpet weaving: Iran

Carpet size: 102 * 145 cm

Carpet thickness: 4 mm

Carpet age: new

warp: wool

Wefts: wool

Covering layer behind the kilim: synthetic leather fabric


Rugs and kilims are known as one of the most important handlooms in most countries. This art goes back thousands of years and has been influenced by different cultures and civilizations throughout history. In different years and centuries, rugs are known as a symbol of handwoven art as well as the history and culture of different regions.

Production method

Patchwork kilims are produced by sewing together small pieces of new kilims or old kilims. These parts are selected from different types of rugs with different patterns and designs. The pieces are then sewn together to create patchwork kilims.

To increase the durability and service life of the kilims, a synthetic leather fabric is usually sewn under the rug. This fabric not only gives strength to the main kilims but also prevents its threads from stretching.

Designs and patterns

One of the great attractions of patchwork kilims is the variety of designs and patterns that are used in them. These rugs usually have attractive designs and motifs of flowers, animals, beasts, faces, and religious symbols. From traditional designs to modern and artistic patterns, patchwork rugs suit a variety of tastes and decorations.


Patchwork kilims are now also known in fashion and decoration of global markets. These art objects are commonly used as rugs, bedspreads, throws, napkins, and even tablecloths. Also, patched carpets can be used as wall or table decorations in homes and commercial places.


Patchwork kilims are beautiful examples of precious handmade art that draw inspiration from the history and culture of different regions. Their designs and patterns are diverse from traditional to modern, and they are embedded in decoration and daily use. With a beautiful combination of colors and patterns, these rugs are a symbol of beauty and art that can decorate any space and give it a special effect.


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