Abadeh carpet- Persian rugs -Size: 295 x71 cm - 2.33 x 9.68 foot

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Persian classic hand-knotted carpet, made of natural wool. The carpet has a wool warp and natural colors. It is the Abadeh style, usually, carpets made with this style are soft and have a modest design.

Abadeh handmade carpets are produced in Abade, the center of Fars province, Iran. These rugs are prized for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and exceptional craftsmanship. Abade rugs are typically embroidered with an attractive mix of geometric patterns, floral motifs and stylized medallions. These designs are carefully woven by hand, each knot expertly knotted to create the intricate patterns that adorn the surface of the rug.

One of the distinctive features of Abadeh carpets lies in their versatility. Rich colors such as crimson red, dark blue, green, and warm ivory dominate the palette, creating a striking visual effect. These vivid colors are achieved using natural dyes derived from plants and minerals, which add to the appeal of the rugs.

The materials used in Abadej rugs are of the highest quality, usually including fine wool obtained from local sheep flocks. In some cases, a combination of wool and cotton can be used to improve the texture and durability of the rug. The wool is carefully spun by hand and dyed before being expertly woven into the intricate patterns that define Abade rugs.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Abade rugs are valued for their durability and versatility. The dense weave and high-quality materials used ensure that these rugs will withstand everyday use, making them suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

  • Warp -wool
  • Pile - wool
  • Size: 295 x71 cm- 2.33 x 9.68 foot
  • Style: Traditional


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  • Wool