Dagestan hand-woven carpet-code dafezan-m1464

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Carpet name: Dagestan hand-woven carpet-code dafezan-m1464
Place of weaving: Dagestan
Size: 290 x 159 cm

Style: Carpet

Warp material: wool
Carpet pile material: wool
Type of carpet decorations: traditional Caucasian
Age of the carpet: Old carpet. The carpet is 15 years old
Condition of the carpet: The carpet is in very good condition.
Learn more about Dagestan carpets:
Woven carpets in Dagestan have a rich history. Dagestan carpets are originally collected from all over the region and have unique features and inspirations that set them apart from other carpets in the world. In this article, the main and important features of woven carpets in Dagestan will be investigated.
1. Patterns and designs:
Dagestan carpets usually have eye-catching and multi-colored patterns and designs. These patterns may be inspired by the climate, culture, and heritage of the people of Dagestan and are often decorated using attractive colors such as yellow, red, blue, and green.
2. Raw materials:
Dagestan carpets are often made from raw materials such as cotton and wool, which are obtained from local sources. These raw materials make the texture of carpets soft and durable.
3. Tissue and tissue methods:
In the weaving of Dagestan carpets, manual methods such as hand weaving and crocheting are very common. These methods allow skilled people and local markets to easily transfer their designs and patterns to rugs.
4. Uses:
As one of the local arts and traditional skills, Dagestan carpets are popular at home and abroad. These carpets are used as floor covering, on the wall, and for other interior and decorative purposes.
5. History:
Carpet weaving in Dagestan has an ancient and complex history and is considered an important part of the culture of the people of this region. This art is related to the old, religious, and ceremonial heritage of the region.
As a result, carpets woven in Dagestan, with their special designs and colors, distinctive hand weaving, and the use of local raw materials, are considered one of the artistic and cultural jewels of this region. These carpets are not only for decorating houses and different places but also as representatives of the history and culture of Dagestan known all over the world.


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