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This carpet is woven in Iran and in the region of Hamadan. In this style of carpets, geometric designs are usually used on the map. The hand-woven carpets of this city are high quality and durable, and the color and design of the carpet do not fade over the years. The colors used in Hamedan handwoven carpets are bright red and garlic blue, and today other colors such as light green, brown and blue can be seen in the carpets.

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  • Size: 276 x 150 cm
  • Warp: cotton
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: Classic

Getting to know more about the handmade carpets of Hamadan city in Iran:

Hamedan hand-woven carpet is one of the cultural and artistic symbols of Iran, which has gained worldwide fame due to its unique features. These carpets are known for their combination of beautiful designs, high quality and attention to detail.

One of the distinctive features of Hamadan hand-woven carpet is the use of various designs and patterns. Among the common designs, we can mention Golestan designs, designs of geometric shapes and authentic local designs. These designs, with the coordination of colors and precise lines, create carpets that increase their shine and beauty.

Accuracy in texture and high quality of Hamedan carpets is also considered as an important feature. The weaving of these carpets is done manually using traditional techniques. High-quality threads, precise and firm texture, and softness to the touch are the characteristics that distinguish Hamadan carpets.

Hamadan hand-woven carpet also gives it a special life and freshness by using natural and diverse colors. Various colors such as blue, red, yellow and green are used in the designs and patterns of Hamedan carpets, which gives them a special charm and appeal.

Due to these features, Hamadan hand-woven carpets are known as artistic and decorative gifts inside and outside of Iran. They are not only used as decorative pieces in homes and interiors, but also appreciated as valuable gifts and works of art.

As a result, Hamadan hand-woven carpet is recognized as one of the masterpieces of Iran's handicrafts with its diverse designs, high quality and accuracy in texture, as well as the use of attractive and natural colors.


  • red
  • colorful
  • Old
  • Wool&Cotton Warp


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