Iranian handmade carpet -m1462

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Persian classic hand-knotted carpet, made of natural wool. This carpet has a cotton warp and natural colors. It is made in Iran, but the style is from Turkmenistan.

Turkmen carpets are renowned for their dense textures and intricate designs, often featuring characteristic patterns specific to one of the five main Turkmen tribes. These patterns, formed with clear linear geometric arrangements, reflect the weaver's environment, incorporating elements of local flora, fauna, and landscapes.

Handcrafted on horizontal or vertical looms, Turkmen carpets primarily use wool threads in a variety of colors. The use of traditional herbal dyes, such as pomegranate skin and walnut skin, adds a distinctive touch to these creations, although modern techniques may also incorporate chemical colors.

Beyond their visual allure, Turkmen carpets hold deep cultural significance. They serve as both floor coverings and wall decorations, with special carpets woven for significant life events such as births, weddings, and religious ceremonies.

Embedded within the fabric of Turkmen society, the art of carpet making is passed down through generations within families. This tradition not only preserves cultural identity but also fosters social cohesion and cooperation within communities.

In Iran, the Turkmen Sahara region stands out as a hub of carpet production, thanks to its unique climate and local customs. Here, the weft of Turkmen carpets is predominantly made of sheep's wool, distinguishing them from carpets produced in other regions of Iran.

  • Warp - wool
  • Pile - wool
  • Size: 155 х 106 cm
  • Style: Traditional
  • Age: New


  • red
  • brown
  • New
  • Wool