Iranian rug-Antique carpet-Baluchi rugs - Antique classic carpet size : 208x106cm - 3.47 x 6.82 foot

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It’s well known that Baluchi rugs are woven by Baluchi nomads in North Khorasan. Especially around the cities of Torbat Heydariyeh, Kashmar, Torbat Jam, Sarakhs. Also, we meet a few cases in the southern regions and Sistan Baluchestan. Meanwhile, the city of Torbat-e Jam and Torbat-e Heydarieh have maintained their reputation and position as the largest center for the production of Baluch carpets for many years.

Turkmen culture is very influential in the decoration of these carpets and manifests itself in various forms, such as the use of dark red colors and dark blue colors, which creates geometric and regular designs (for instance rhombuses, octagons, hooks, and Etc).

The color of Baluchi carpets is usually natural and mostly includes dark colors, especially black, dark red, brown, and light red forms. All of the mentioned above are sometimes called Siyahkar in local dialects.

General product conditions

The rug is handmade, therefore it may have small flaws, such as asymmetry.

Old rugs may have changed the color a little bit. if some of our rugs have this feature we will show them in the pictures.

Due to the fact that the rugs are so old, in some areas the height of the rugs mass may be less than in other areas. It’s quite natural and if some of our rugs have this feature we will show them in the pictures.

All of our rugs are professionally washed and are individually inspected before leaving our warehouse. We try our best to display the most accurate images. There might be a slight difference in colors between the actual product and the one you see on the screen (because of the device characteristics).

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  • Size: 208x106cm - 3.47 x 6.82 foot
  • Warp: cotton
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: Traditional


  • blue
  • Old
  • Wool&Cotton Warp


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