Old style Persian red runner

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Persian classic hand-knotted carpet, made of natural wool. This Carpet has cotton warp and natural colors. Kashan carpets are handcrafted masterpieces meticulously woven in the city of Kashan, a historical center renowned for its rich cultural heritage and longstanding tradition of carpet weaving. These carpets are revered for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and unparalleled quality.

Crafted entirely by skilled artisans, Kashan carpets undergo a labor-intensive weaving process that demands precision, patience, and expertise. Utilizing a traditional loom, weavers meticulously knot each strand of wool or silk by hand, ensuring the finest quality and durability.

Kashan carpets are typically woven using high-quality wool sourced from local sheep or luxurious silk for a more refined texture and sheen. The intricate patterns and motifs are meticulously woven using a combination of the asymmetrical Persian knot and the symmetrical Turkish knot, resulting in a dense, resilient pile.

One of the most captivating aspects of Kashan carpets is their elaborate designs and intricate patterns, which often draw inspiration from Persian floral motifs, geometric shapes, and historical narratives. These carpets are renowned for their sophisticated color palettes, featuring rich hues of crimson, indigo, gold, and ivory.

Kashan carpets often carry symbolic significance, reflecting the cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Iran. From intricate arabesques symbolizing eternity to elaborate medallions representing unity and harmony, each motif holds deep cultural meaning and historical significance.

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  • Size: 360x133cm
  • Warp: cotton
  • Pile: wool
  • Style: traditional


  • red
  • Old
  • Wool&Cotton Warp