Persian vintage runner Size: 380x70cm - 2.29 x 12.46 foot

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Product Specifications

Product category: Iranian handwoven carpet

Product name: Malayer carpet

Materials used in carpet weaving: natural wool

Carpet design and decoration: Traditional and Caucasian motifs

Place of carpet weaving: Iran

Carpet size: 380x70cm - 2.29 x 12.46 foot

Carpet thickness: 10 mm

Carpet age: 10 years

Warp: cotton

Pile: wool

Wefts: cotton

Number of knots per square centimeter: 25

The number of handmade knots in the whole carpet: 665000 pieces

Time taken to produce this carpet: 110 days

Additional information: These carpets are produced in villages and in small workshops.

This hand-woven carpet is one of the types of Persian hand-woven carpets. These carpets are classified in the category of rural carpets. This hand-woven carpet is woven in Malair . Malair is one of the central regions of Iran and has a high diversity in the texture of handwoven carpets. Each village in this region produces carpets with its own style and design. In some of these villages, carpets are woven that are very similar to the carpets of the central province of Iran, and in some villages of this region, the woven carpets are very similar to the carpets of Kurdish regions and Caucasian designs. In most cases, the warp and weft of the Malair carpet is entirely cotton and the pile is wool, and it is basically woven with a thick weft.

Specifically, this malair rug is a runner rug. These types of rugs are a versatile and indispensable addition to any home decor. These long, narrow rugs add elegance and warmth to hallways, entryways, and other narrow spaces. With their unique features and beauty, running rugs have become the main element of the interior, combining practicality and aesthetics.

Runners are specially designed for hallways. These rugs create a visually appealing path throughout the home. One of the main functions of a running mat is to protect the floor. In addition, they can help reduce noise levels, especially in high-traffic areas, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment in the home. In addition to their practical utility, runner rugs also serve a decorative purpose, adding texture, color, and beauty to spaces. The materials used to create running mats also contribute to their overall appeal and functionality. While wool is a popular choice for its durability, softness, and natural resistance to stains and moisture, other options, such as synthetic fibers and blends, offer additional benefits such as affordability and easy care.

In addition to traditional placement in hallways, runner rugs can be used in other areas of the home as well. A runner in the entryway can create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and focus the space.

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